Wednesday, 15 March 2017 / Published in Events

Playing ‘VR Monster Awakens’ at #hk #filmart , just cool!

#FIGHT4DREAM #VRMonsterAwakens in #FILMART #香港國際影視展!#vr #vive #HTCVive #unity #indiegame #hkig #hk

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Monday, 06 March 2017 / Published in Updates

Hello Monsters! Key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Korean and Germany user interface supported! More to come!
  • Drivers will now drop from damaged cars. Find and eat them!
  • Score leaderboard for arcade mode now available! Are you ready to be the King of Monsters?
  • Difficulties adjusted for arcade mode, better chance to survive!

Enjoy the SMASH and compete for the King of Monsters!

Sunday, 26 February 2017 / Published in Updates

Hello Monsters! Here are some of the key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Japanese! We will support more languages soon.
  • Helicopters are easier to kill now. Throw at them and watch them fall.
  • No more broken neck human.
  • Louder the boss music, more intense it becomes.
  • Load faster, less waiting.
  • Performance fixes, less headache!

Have fun and enjoy the SMASH!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 / Published in Updates

Hello Monsters! Key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Unlock achievements!
  • Receive some health pots when you reached next area;
  • Fixed some objects that did not give score;
  • Fixed when objects are thrown, they may get through the ground;
  • Fixed main menu performance issue.

Have fun and SMASH for the highest scores!

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 / Published in Updates

Hello Monsters! It has been a while since last update because we have been busy attending Taipei Game Show 2017. That is a great experience meeting players from all around the world. We are now back and ready to release our latest update on VR Monster Awakens!

Key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Enhanced environment of Rainy Days;
  • Arcade mode mission now required to destroy as much as possible within certain survival time;
  • Show a warning message when getting too close to the edges of battle zone;
  • Added 3rd person cut-scene when defeated;
  • Scores and Rank are now available when area or stage cleared;
  • Reduced HP restore of health pot in boss battle;
  • Boss Tank laser can no longer be blocked, watch out!
  • Fixed eye-closing effect when critically hurt;
  • Fixed a bug for eye-closing effect after moving to next area;
  • Fixed hit detection for some of the buildings;
  • Fixed Tank AI;
  • Fixed helicopter crashing into buildings;
  • Fixed performance issue.

Hope you all enjoy those changes and let’s try your best to SMASH!