Tuesday, 07 February 2017 / Published in Updates

Hello Monsters! It has been a while since last update because we have been busy attending Taipei Game Show 2017. That is a great experience meeting players from all around the world. We are now back and ready to release our latest update on VR Monster Awakens!

Key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Enhanced environment of Rainy Days;
  • Arcade mode mission now required to destroy as much as possible within certain survival time;
  • Show a warning message when getting too close to the edges of battle zone;
  • Added 3rd person cut-scene when defeated;
  • Scores and Rank are now available when area or stage cleared;
  • Reduced HP restore of health pot in boss battle;
  • Boss Tank laser can no longer be blocked, watch out!
  • Fixed eye-closing effect when critically hurt;
  • Fixed a bug for eye-closing effect after moving to next area;
  • Fixed hit detection for some of the buildings;
  • Fixed Tank AI;
  • Fixed helicopter crashing into buildings;
  • Fixed performance issue.

Hope you all enjoy those changes and let’s try your best to SMASH!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 / Published in Updates

Key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Added blocking effect when player blocks attack with hands;
  • You can enjoy shooting beam more frequently! Your energy gauge will now charge automatically;
  • Announcement board available in main menu;
  • All props are tougher now! Throw them and destroy something else!

Have fun on those changes and let’s SMASH!

Sunday, 15 January 2017 / Published in Work In Progress

Monsters! We also want to tear down the buildings bit by bit!

Apart from recent updates, we heard your voice regarding building destruction process. We’re working hard to make this part better!

Sunday, 15 January 2017 / Published in Updates

Key changes for the this patch:

  • Fixed first person view incorrect size problem in Mixed Reality Video Mode;
  • Fixed far and close view rendering problem in Mixed Reality Video Mode.

Have fun on Mixed Reality video and enjoy the SMASH!

Thursday, 05 January 2017 / Published in Updates

Since our first launch of VR Monster Awakens on STEAM Early Access on 22 December 2016, we have received a lot of valuable comments and a little bug reports from players. We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all of you and we promise to work hard improving our gameplay and contents patch by patch. Here are some of the key changes for the upcoming patch:

  • Addition of traditional and simplified Chinese UI supports for selection;
  • Boss Fight Enhancements: Player can no longer stand inside the boss 3D model; Player will be knocked back if boss rush into the player; Higher durability of boss; Fixed improper spawn position problem; Boss will be more active and not wander around;
  • Throwing vehicles onto buildings will now deal damages to the buildings;
  • Support mixed reality video capture;
  • 3rd person camera news banner available and upgraded visual effect of healing by eating citizen;
  • Airship can be destroyed! Watch it engulfed in fire and fall!
  • Extra mission targets for arcade mode;
  • Tanks and helicopters are heavier now, throw them onto buildings to smash them harder;
  • You can chase citizens more easily, they are not athletes after all;
  • Fixed the disappearing of citizens and vehicles when played for a long time.

Have fun and enjoy the SMASH!