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Meta Quest 2
SteamVR on Steam
Under too much stress?

Be a giant monster!!

Hi, we are FIGHT4DREAM, an indie game studio and we’re making VR Monster Awakens, a VR Monster/Kaiju simulator game with story, co-op mode, asymmetrical multiplayer mode!

VR Monster Awakens is a VR Kaiju battle game featuring cross-platform multiplayer mode VR vs. Mobile/PC. The VR player plays as a massive Kaiju monster when Mobile/PC players play as Hero.

Crush tanks under your feet, swat fighter jets from the sky, and melt everything with your atomic breath! 

Want to share the joy of destruction with friends? Pick your favourite Kaiju and adventure in the MONSTER VS HERO MULTIPLAYER mode. Unleash your inner Kaiju!

Unleash your inner Kaiju

Destroy with style

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